This programme aims to prepare students for immediate employment and development at supervisory and middle management levels in a variety of food production and service settings. At the same time it aims to facilitate and foster life-long learning and career development.

The programme is aimed at individuals with a talent and passion for cooking who want to pursue a culinary career in small, medium and larger scale hotels and catering operations. It enables graduates to become skilled culinarians and leaders in the increasingly complex and ever-changing foodservice industry.

At the end of the third year the student is awarded a higher level Diploma in Culinary Arts that represents 180 ECTS.

Diploma graduates qualify for supervisory or middle management positions in a wide variety of settings e.g.

Job Opportunities
Food and Beverage Consultant
Cookery show host/celebrity chef
Hospital/nursing home/day-care chef
Cookbook writer/food writer
Catering Instructor
Industry Sectors
Hotel and Restaurants
Catering Business
Cruise Ships/Airlines
Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes

The student can also exit upon completion of the second year of studies and be awarded a Certificate (120 ECTS) for immediate employment in a variety of positions in food production and service.


Year 1 Semester 1 (13 Weeks)
Culinary Fundamentals
Meat and Seafood Fabrication and Garde Manger
Product Identification, Purchasing and Storage
Introduction to Gastronomy
Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Food Safety (Food Hygiene and HACCP)
Professional English I
Occupational Health and Safety at Work
Computer Studies
Year 1 Semester 2 (14 Weeks)
Core Cooking Methods
Baking and Pastry Essentials
Introduction to Food and Beverage Service
Food and Nutrition
Professionalism and Hospitality
Professional English II
Professional Language Elective I (French / German / Russian)
Industrial Placement I
4 months paid internship
Year 2 Semester I (13 Weeks)
Buffet Preparation and Contemporary Plating Techniques
Advanced Garde Manger
Advanced Baking and Pastry
Food and Beverage Controls & Systems
Menu Planning
Statistical Analysis and Research Methods
Accounting and Budget Management
Professional English III
Professional Language Elective II (French / German / Russian)
Year 2 Semester II (14 Weeks)
Cypriot Cuisine and Influences
Contemporary Desserts
Food and Beverage Service
Wines and Spirits
Food Psychology and Culture
Human Resource Management
Professional English IV
Professional Language Elective III (French / German / Russian)
Industrial Placement II
4 months paid internship
Year 3 Semester I (13 Weeks)
International Cuisines: From Classical to Fusion
Advanced Plated Desserts
Pastry and Baking Arts Project
Facilities Planning, Design and Maintenance
Kitchen Management
Professional English V
Professional Language Elective IV (French / German / Russian)
Year 3 Semester II (14 Weeks)
Modern Food Concepts and Event Catering
Marketing Management
Environmental and Sustainabilility Management
Hospitality Law
Entrepreneurship and Financial Management
Professional English VI
Professional Language Elective V (French / German / Russian)
Final Year Project