This programme is designed to prepare students for immediate employment and development at supervisory and middle management levels in a variety of hospitality and tourism professions. At the same time it aims to facilitate and foster life-long learning and career development.

The programme begins with a general preparation in hospitality and tourism and allows for specialization in the areas of accommodation provision, food and beverage provision and travel and tourism during the second and third years of studies.

At the end of the third year the student is awarded a higher level Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management that represents 180 ECTS .

Diploma graduates qualify for supervisory and middle management positions in a wide variety of industry settings e.g.

Job opportunities
Front Office Supervisor/Manager
Housekeeping Supervisor/Manager
Food and Beverage Supervisor/Manager
Food and Beverage Controller
Banqueting/Events Organiser/Manager
· Marketing/Sales/Public Relations Supervisor/Manager
Ticketing Officer
Group Leaders/Representatives
Industry sectors
Hotels and Restaurants
Resorts and Spas
Cruise Ships/Airlines
Catering and Events
Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes
Travel Agencies
Theme Parks/Attractions

The student can also exit upon completion of the second year of studies and be awarded a Certificate (120 ECTS) for immediate employment in a variety of positions in hospitality and tourism.


Year 1 Semester 1 (13 Weeks)
Food and Beverage Service
Tourism Principles and Practices
Food and Beverage Operations
Gastronomy and Nutrition
Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Professionalism and Hospitality
Professional English I
Occupational Health and Safety at Work
Computer Studies
Year 1 Semester 2 (14 Weeks)
Food Production and Hygiene
Front Office Operations
Housekeeping Operations
Wines and Spirits
Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
Accounting Fundamentals
Destination Cyprus
Professional English II
Professional Language Elective I (French / German / Russian)
4 months paid internship
In the second year students choose electives in the following specialization areas:
1. Rooms Division
2. Food and Beverage Division
3. Travel and Tourism
Year 2 Semester I (13 Weeks)
Housekeeping Operations II
Computer Reservation Systems
Food and Beverage Service II
Menu Planning
Ticketing and Computerised Reservation Systems
Tour Organisation and Ground Hosting
Theme Parks and Attractions
Facilities Planning, Design & Maintenance
Entertainment and Animation
MICE Planning and Organisation
Geography of Travel and Tourism
Managing Teams and Leading People
Professional English III
Professional Language Elective II (French / German / Russian)
Year 2 Semester II (14 Weeks)
Front Office Operations II
Food and Beverage Controls & Systems
Advanced Wines and Spirits
Travel and Tourism Operations
Quality Service and Experiential Management
Public Relations and Relationship Marketing
Communication and Human Relations
Accounting and Budget Management
Professional English IV
Professional Language Elective III (French / German / Russian)
4 months paid internship


Year 3 Semester I (13 Weeks)
Front Office Management
Revenue and Yield Management
Food and Beverage Management
Crossing Cultures in Food and Beverage
Travel and Tourism Management
Cruise and Airline Service Management
Hospitality and Tourism e-Marketing
Statistical Analysis and Research Methods
Hospitality and Tourism Law
Environmental and Sustainability Management
Managerial Economics
Negotiation Skills
Professional Language Elective IV (French / German / Russian)
Professional Language Elective I (French / German / Russian)
Year 3 Semester II (14 Weeks)
Housekeeping Management
Food and Beverage Service Trends and Challenges
Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development
Events Management
Contemporary Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Human Resource Management
Entrepreneurship and Financial Management
Final Year Project
Crisis Management
Professional Language Elective V (French / German / Russian)
Professional Language Elective II (French / German / Russian)